Family Support Services

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The purpose of the Family Support Services Program is to provide services and supports that will assist a family to care for a family member with developmental disabilities living at home.  The program promotes the unity of families by assisting them to meet the special needs of the individual with developmental disabilities whereby preventing institutionalization.  Family Support Services will be awarded to eligible families in accordance with Section 5123:2-1-09 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

Services available from the Family Support Services Program include:

  1. In/Out-of-Home Respite Care
    a. Respite care is temporary care that is provided to an individual who has a developmental disability to sustain the family structure or to meet planned or emergency needs of the family.  This service does not extend to non-enrolled family members in the home.
    b. Respite care services may be provided in the family’s own home by an approved respite Provider, or a family-solicited Provider.  In addition, out-of-home services can be provided in a respite setting pursuant to Section 5123:2-12-01 of the Ohio Administrative Code.
  2. Adaptive Equipment
    Purchase of lease of equipment that is recommended by a licensed professional to address a therapeutic objective in an identified area of developmental delay or disability.  The adaptive equipment item must be needed in the home setting to address a formal goal on the individual’s service or treatment plan or to facilitate personal care therefore reducing the individual’s dependence on the family for care.  The requested item can be obtained through Family Support Services once all other financial supports have been exhausted or it is commonly known not to be covered by other third party payers.
  3. Home Modifications
    A modification may be made to the home if it is necessary to facilitate the care of the family member who has a developmental disability.  (Examples include, but are not limited to widening doorways, modifying bathrooms, ramps, etc.)
  4. Special Diets
    Purchase of specialty food or a food supplement approved by a physician or graduate of an approved dietary program, necessary to improve or maintain the health of the family member who has a developmental disability.
  5. Counseling, Training and Education
    This service may be provided to the individual, the individual’s caregivers, and to all members of the family, including children.  The counseling, training or education being provided should strengthen the family’s ability to care for the individual.  This service may help the family to address the special behavior, medical, emotional, or personal needs of the family member with a developmental disability.
  6. Other
    Items and services not funded under the six categories above but are needed by the family to improve and facilitate the care of the individual and providing support necessary for the individual’s continued skill development, including such services as development of interventions to cope with unique problems that may occur within the complexity of the family, enrollment of the individual in special summer programs, provision of appropriate leisure activities, and other social skills development activities that are specified in the individual’s service plan (examples may include, but are not limited to:  daycare, incontinence supplies, orthopedic shoes, etc.)

Clermont County DD contracts with the Southwest Ohio Council of Governments to administer the Family Support Service Program.  For initial enrollment information, families may contact the Community Support Services Department at 513-732-4831.

The FSSP Coordinator is Michelle Hoying.  Her contact information is below:

Michelle Hoying
Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments – SWOCOG
Family Support Services Program Coordinator
107 Oregonia Road
Lebanon, OH 45036
513-559-3050 (FAX)