People In Action Self-Advocacy Group

People In Action is a self-advocacy group of people who support each other to speak up and learn to discuss issues that are important to them.  We work cooperatively with the Clermont County Board of DD and our communities to share ideas, promote advocacy education, and improve the quality of services in our county.

People In Action thinks it is important to:

  • take pride in each other’s abilities
  • be leaders in their communities
  • assist to educate the public about disability awareness issues
  • work as a team to find common solutions to common problems
  • support each other to reach personal goals and dreams

More Information

Anyone who is eligible to receive services from Clermont DD can join the meetings.
The meetings teach people how to speak up for themselves and are a way for others to meet and talk with people about issues. We are also involved in attending trainings and advocacy conferences.  You are not required to serve on any committees—this is totally an individual’s decision.

Meeting Times

Open meetings are heldon the third Wednesday of each month from 4-6 p.m.  at the Wildey Center, 2040 US Highway 50, Batavia (one mile west of Owensville).  We ask that you arrange for your own transportation or partner with others for transportation needs.