Service and Support Administration/Waiver Services

Kim Wynn, SSA Supervisor
2040 US Highway 50
Batavia, OH 45103
(513) 732-4850

Monica May, SSA Supervisor
2040 US Highwaty 50
Batavia, OH 45103
(513) 732-4844

Community Support Services assists individuals and their families to choose services that will best meet their needs within a given budget. A Service and Support Administrator or SSA is assigned to individuals receiving Medicaid waiver services and/or services through local funds to help coordinate their services. The SSA helps individuals and others close to them create a service plan based on their needs and goals. The service plan identifies each service the individual will receive along with the name of the service provider they have chosen. Services may include day services, community employment, residential supports, self-advocacy activities, community activities and transportation. The SSA can help the individual or family access information about service options and available service providers.

The SSA is responsible for getting the written plan and any updates to the individual, guardian or family and all service providers in a timely manner. The SSA maintains contact with the individual, family and providers throughout the year to ensure that services are delivered according to the plan. The plan may be changed or adjusted at any time and is reviewed at least annually.

To contact an SSA directly:

Kelly (Kristanoff) Botos
(513) 732-4966

Kristina Breig
(513) 732-5168

Jessica Cooper
(513) 732-4841

Amanda Gerrety
(513) 732-5191

Afton Direnzi
(513) 732-4910

Elizabeth (Liz) Jeschke
(513) 732-4885

Casey Jones
(513) 732-7021

Meghan (Meg) Kennedy
(513) 732-7020

Susan (Kipp) Leu
(513) 732-4882

Tammy Plank
(513) 732-4803



Alex Savage
(513) 732-7016

Natalie (Foley) Smith
(513) 7325-7028

Holly Strum
(513) 732-4845

Chasity Schneider
(513) 732-4876

Janet Riste
(513) 732-4892