Early Intervention

Kimberleigh Szaz, Early Childhood Services Director
(513) 732-5032

Angie Dearth, Administrative Assistant
(513) 732-7026

Mailing Address:
2040 US Highway 50
Batavia, OH 45103


Sharon Fowler
Speech Language Pathologist
(513) 384-1391

Marla Kizer
Speech Language Pathologist
(513) 214-8742

Layne Nyland
Speech Language Pathologist
(513) 218-7508

Leslie Long
Physical Therapist
(513) 218-4603

Kathy Herriott
Physical Therapist
(513) 214-4276

Robin Lowe
Early Intervention Specialist
(513) 218-5038

Anna Roots
Speech Language Pathologist
(513) 218-8848

Katie Vaught
Occupational Therapist
(513) 239-0990

Heidi King
Occupational Therapist
(513) 214-8547

Jennifer Sekela
Occupational Therapist
(513) 222-2069

Katie Mills
Early Intervention Specialist
(513) 218-6852

Tracy Schaeffer
Early Intervention Specialist
(513) 218-9155

Early Intervention (EI) Services are provided by Clermont County Developmental Disabilities Services for children under the age of three.  This program follows guidelines and/or rules from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, from Part C of I.D.E.A., as well as rules from the Ohio Department of Health Help Me Grow system.

Once your child is determined eligible for services, an Early Intervention Team will support you and your family. The team includes a Service Coordinator, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Early Intervention Specialist and if needed specialist in hearing and vision.

One member of the team will be assigned as a Primary Service Provider (PSP). This professional will visit you and your child regularly at home or other community settings. At each visit, your PSP will help to address your questions and priorities related to your child’s development. Together you will find ways to support your child during everyday activities. The PSP will consult other team members as needed, and they may join the PSP on visits with you.

Is my child eligible for services?

An infant or toddler under the age of three is eligible for services from Clermont County DD Services if he or she has developmental delays in one of the following areas:

  • self-help skills
  • physical development skills (fine gross and motor skills)
  • language, speech, hearing or communication skills
  • cognitive skills
  • social/emotional development

An infant or toddler may also be eligible if he or she is at risk for developmental delay due to medical issues.

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