Community Employment

Scott Brown, Program Coordinator
(513) 732-4851

Businesses with hiring needs should click here to learn more about employee opportunities from Clermont DD.

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Greg Wood, Job Placement Specialist
(513) 732-4872

Roger Moning, Job Placement Specialist
(513) 732-4843

Darren Long, Program Manager
(513) 732-4824

Nicole Webb, Employment First Specialist
(513) 732-4884


Job Coaches

Rebecca Baker
(513) 732-4849

Gina Fawley
(513) 732-4858

Erin Rains
(513) 732-4855

The Clermont DD Employment Services Department is a supported employment program that assists people with disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive employment in integrated workplace settings.  It provides assistance such as job development, placement, coaching, retention, and assistive technology services.

Cost-free benefits to employers include:

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • On-the-job training (wage reimbursement)
  • On-site job training
  • Community Based Work Assessments
  • Thoroughly screened employees
  • Ability matched to job
  • Follow-Along retention services
  • Diverse workforce

The Business Case to Hire People with Disabilities:

  • Majority of workers require no accommodations
  • Have not been found to increase workers compensation rates
  • Have same job performance ratings
  • Less likely to leave their job
  • Most customers tend to give business to disability-friendly companies
  • Lower rates of absenteeism and less turnover – better attendance and longer tenure correlate to increased productivity.