Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities is to help those we serve expand capabilities and navigate the possibilities.

Our Vision

We envision a culture comprised of inclusive communities where people with disabilities thrive and live a life on their own terms.

Our Philosophy

Individuals and families served by the Clermont County Board of DD have the right of choice and flexibility regarding what, how and where services are provided.  Individuals and families will be empowered to make decisions, become partners and work cooperatively with professionals, and exert control over the services provided to them.

WE BELIEVE that persons with developmental disabilities have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, be able to take reasonable risk and be protected from exploitation, abuse and degrading treatment.

WE BELIEVE that infants and toddlers learn best in their natural environments, doing things they enjoy and with people with whom they are familiar.

WE BELIEVE that educational services will honor the informed choice of the individual or individual’s family in partnership with local school districts.

WE BELIEVE that adults with developmental disabilities have the right to make choices regarding their lifestyle, their working environment and their living arrangements.

WE BELIEVE in providing adequate information to make informed choices.  We believe in the importance of ongoing life planning and supporting individuals and families through the many transitions of life.

WE BELIEVE that adults have the right to work in the community in accessible workplaces, with access to the supports necessary to be successful and the right to wages and benefits provided to other workers in the same setting.  We believe individuals should be encouraged to seek employment first.

WE BELIEVE that persons with developmental disabilities have the right to have access to the supports and services they need to be participating members of their communities, including transportation, recreation, social outlets and friends and regular interaction with peers who do not have disabilities.

Core Values

The Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities has adopted four Core Values.  These values assist our agency in planning for the future and measure the outcomes we establish.  The Core Values spell “SURE” and are defined as:

Safe and Supportive Environment for individuals we serve, families, visitors, staff, and the community.

Understand our mission, our values, our jobs, our mandates, and to ensure that others understand.

Responsibility and Respect for individuals we serve, each other, the community, to manage resources efficiently, and to provide access to efficient services and programs.

Engagement with the individuals we serve, families, advocates, each other, and the community.