Due Process

Clermont County Board of DD Due Process for Consumer Your “Right to Disagree” With A Decision & Your Right To Privacy

Your Right to Question Decisions

You have the right to disagree with a decision made about you or for you. Most disagreements can be worked out informally:

1. Talk to the staff that work with you or your family
2. Talk to your Program Manager or Service Coordinator
3. Talk to Supervisor or Director
4. Talk to Superintendent

You also have the right to share your complaint formally:

1. Write your complaint
2. Give to Program Director
3. Go through formal due process at which time you will be given written procedures of what to do.

The above actions will not result in retaliation or barriers to services.

Your Privacy Rights

Information about you is private. You have the right to say “yes” or “no” to people who want to talk about you or to look at your personal files.

Timelines for Resolving Formal Complaint Requests

After the County Board of DD receives a formal complaint:

1. The Program Manager or Service Coordinator has 10 calendar days to look into the complaint or disagreement

2. After the investigation, a written report is discussed with the individual/family within 10 calendar days

3. If individual/family is not satisfied, then they have 10 calendar days to request an Administrative Review

4. The Superintendent or a designee meets with the individual/family within 10 days of the request for the Administrative Review

5. Within 5 days of Administrative Review, a written decision by the Superintendent is sent to the individual/family

6. An Appeal to the Clermont County DD Board Chair must be made within 10 days of the Superintendent’s decision

7. A Hearing will be held no earlier than 7 days and no later than the next Board meeting

8. Within 5 days of the Hearing, a written decision is issued

9. Within 5 days of the Board’s decision, any Appeal must be made to the Ohio Department of DD @ 1-800-231-5872

*** For families in the Early Intervention Program this process will be completed within 30 days